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hi.composite Blade Repair

Rotor blade repair fast, efficient and almost weather-independent.


Innovative technology for repairing almost any damage to the rotor blade surface

Through the combination of heat and vacuum and the use of modern PrePreg materials, hi.composite Blade Repair is an innovative and efficient system for faster repair of damage to rotor blades

Save costs and time

up to 65% less plant downtime due to faster repair thanks to innovative technology

Simple application

thanks to standardized work steps, certified materials and process monitoring

Longer repair season

almost weather-independent, usable from 0°C and at humidity up to 100%

For many claims

applicable for almost all surface and structural damages as well as in the interior of rotor blades

Environmentally friendly

Less waste thanks to precisely metered resin quantities and elimination of additional disposable materials


Consistently high quality through use of GL-DNV certified materials and electronic monitoring

Easy transport

the components are longer and easier to store and transport than conventional prepegs

The principle: fast and simple thanks to standardized work steps, certified materials and monitoring


Prepare damage site

Cleaning and grinding of the damaged area (up to 1.5 square meters)


hi.compositePatch position

Cut hi.composite patch from pre-impregnated glass fiber or carbon fabric and position on the damaged area, if necessary several layers


hi.compositeMat fix over the patch

Fix hi.composite Mat airtight over the patches with double-sided tape and connect to hi.composite Unit.


Cure with hi.compositeUnit

The hi.composite unit provides heat and vacuum underneath the hi.composite mat, the hi.composite patch cures within 45 minutes


Individual surface finish

Seal surface accordingly analogous to existing rotor blade finish

Your advantages in detail

Up to 50 % cost savings:

the system reduces curing time and thus plant downtime by up to 65 %. Costs can thus be reduced by up to 50%.

High, consistent quality:

GL-DNV certified materials and electronic process monitoring guarantee the highest quality at all repair stations.

Longer repair season:

the combination of vacuum and heat removes moisture from the repair area - repairs can be made from 0° Celsius and up to 100 % humidity.

Environmentally friendly:

less waste due to exact cutting and thus precisely metered resin quantity. Disposable materials such as vacuum bagging film, evacuation fabric and resin containers are eliminated.

Ease of use:

standardized work steps, certified materials and process monitoring enable repairs even for employees with a lower qualification matrix.

Easy storage:

Compared to conventional prepregs, hi.composite materials are easier and longer to store and easier to transport

For all surface damage:

A hi.compositePatch is highly flexible and allows repairs to be made to the entire surface of the rotor blade as well as to the interior of the rotor blade.

Possible time saving

Work steps*


with hi.composite


2,00 h

2,00 h


1,00 h

0,75 h


1,00 h

0,75 h


0,50 h

0,50 h


8,00 h

1,00 h


1,00 h

1,00 h

Total working time

15,00 h

6,00 h

Example calculation
* without device workplace (stage or rope access)

Cost reduction potential



with hi.composite




Glass scrims






Wage costs team 2AK*



Downtimes of the WTG**



Total working time



Example calculation
* No complete supervision of the annealing process and excluding incidental costs, expenses, lodging, set-up time, etc.
** 4 MW plant and feed-in tariff of 0.09 €/kWh

All in One: The hi.composite Blade Repair System


Structural repair sheets with fast curing epoxy prepreg system, customized available as glass fiber or carbon with unidirectional or multiaxial fiber


Generates temperatures up to 120°C and a vacuum over the repair area. The hi.compositePatches thus cure quickly and with a high fiber volume on an area of up to 1.5 square meters.


The basic unit contains a vacuum pump and the power supply for the hi.compositeMat. Curing can be monitored via the integrated temperature control.

hi.compositeUnit Pro

The Pro unit additionally allows control programming incl. parameter documentation and thus guarantees reliable process monitoring, optionally with online query.

Service with hi.composite Blade Repair by hi.work GmbH

You want to benefit from the advantages of hi.composite Blade Repair, but do not have the possibility to carry out the necessary work yourself?

hi.work GmbH is the service specialist for the inspection, maintenance and repair of rotor blades, towers and other components of your wind turbine. Since 1996, we have been working worldwide on ropes as well as by means of lifts or access equipment, annually on more than 500 turbines - on/offshore and independent of type.

The hi.composite Blade Repair technology enables us to repair damage to the rotor blades of your wind turbine even faster and more independently of the weather. Contact us and find out more about individual cost-cutting potential and reduced downtimes for repairs to your turbines - we look forward to hearing from you.

hi.work GmbH carries out rotor blade repair work according to the specifications of DNV GL. Quality assurance is carried out according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015.

Robert Jatkowski
Tel: +49 3342.50289-11

hi.composite Blade Repair itself:
Purchase, training and support

Would you like to carry out rotor blade repairs yourself and benefit from the advantages of the innovative hi.composite Blade Repair System?

Standardized work steps, certified materials and continuous process monitoring make the hi.composite Blade Repair System easy to use even for employees without a high qualification matrix. Nevertheless, we recommend specific training by our specialists before use.

The system is continuously developed further, we therefore offer you continuous support including software updates, device maintenance and consulting even after the purchase.

We will be happy to advise you on the use and possibilities of the technology, the appropriate hi.compositePatches, the suitable hi.compositeUnits and submit you an individual offer for the purchase as well as for training and support around the hi.composite Blade Repair System.

Robert Jatkowski
Tel: +49 3342.50289-11